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Equipment: Magnum DAKA Pouches

The DAKA pouch from Magpul seems to be just a basic waterproof pouch, and it is. But the little details Magpul thinks of is what makes the pouch a wholly versatile product.

The waterproof bag is offered in many different sizes and colors, but it is not limited to just its suggested use. On the surface, we can all see it as a gun sleeve (great for training in the rain) or for ammunition, suppressors and accessories. But the pouch has some features that take it well beyond that. The corner holes allow you to use carabiner to keep multiple bags together and the color options allow you to color code your equipment. I have seen people use these bags for many things such as tool bags, lanyard wallets, and even money belt attachments. They can be used as map holders, ammo bags and parts organizers. I have even seen someone use the bag as a medical kit with a loop to go over the neck for access during treating a patient. The uses for this is basically endless if you need to keep things protected and dry.

Check them out here:

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