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Equipment: Federal HST Ammunition

The Federal HST load is a defensive hollow point developed within the last 10 years. The projectile itself is a pre-scored holowpoint that opens in a very reliable fashion. This load has been tested, and adopted, by many major metropolitan police departments and has a very good track record for reliability and consistency.

This ammunition is very good for most defensive firearms. While the 9mm seems to be the load sold the most, it is also a very good .40 and .45 load. In a Lucky Gunner test, the .38 Special load performed admirably, even out of short, snub nosed barrels. The bullet design lends itself to very good expansion, even at low velocities. Additionally, the consistency of Federals premium line of ammunition means that the HST is often more accurate than most other loads.

The Federal HST is a fine choice for defensive use out of any firearm.

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