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Drill: Cloverleaf Challenge

The Cloverleaf drill is attributed to Marcus Wynne, author and special operator. The drill is a low round count drill to focus on trigger press. THOUGH IT IS SIMPLE, IT IS NOT EASY.

With a standard, 2 handed grip, take a shot. It doesn't matter where it lands on the paper, just that you have the hit on a fresh area of target. Then try to hit the same hole with both hands on the gun. Then transfer the gun to the strong hand only. Take a shot. Finally, transfer the gun to the support hand only for the final shot.

You have fired 4 shots. The first is a marker, the second, third and fourth should have hit that marker. The goal is a Cloverleaf (all shots touching) patter on the target. This is a challenging drill, but works both side of the body and brain.

Have fun and be safe!

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