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Destroying Bad Advice (part 1)

In our current day and age, it is difficult to believe that some people still hold onto old advise for legal firearms use. Some myths are still popular, while some have waned, but not yet died. These myths about self defense can not only negatively affect your training but can make you a criminal as well.

1) I can shoot anyone that comes inside my house.

Ummm, just no. Remember that if we are on the street, we have to be able to articulate why we used deadly force. What was the subject doing? Did it threaten life or serious bodily harm? We have to be a able to articulate this in our home as well. While this is easier in your home die to the fact that a old door can help show I'll intent, you still need to articulate the why of self defense.


Drag the body inside your house if you shoot them outside

Wasp spray is a great defensive tool instead of pepper spray

Every shopting will be 3 seconds, 3 rounds and 3 yards or less

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