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Choosing Gear (part 3): Evaluating Emotional Attachment

While gear is important and we should make wise decisions, we also need to avoid irrational attachment to gear. Just because you like your new gear, don't forget to be critical of it as well. Some equipment is limited and doesn't do certain things. That's OK, just know it's limits.

For instance, I love my Dodge Caravan minivan (OK, that's enough, quit laughing). I love that it has a pile of space to haul things, lots of space for kids and toys, and that it can double as a mini RV when I travel to classes. But I know I can't take it off road, and sometimes not even on bumpy roads. The suspension stinks, the clearance is crap and Super Swamper hasn't yet made tires that fit (fingers crossed). But I love it for what it does, and that's OK.

Likewise, I had a 1911 steel frame that was just a great gun. Accurate, comfortable, and slim. But when compared to a 9mm with a longer barrel that held twice as many rounds (literally) that weighed exactly the same and was similar width, it is hard to argue it is BETTER. So I switched. I don't let my likes get in the way of actual data.

Remember that it's OK to like or love gear. But be honest about its capabilities and limitations.

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