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Choosing Gear (part 1): Defining your Needs

Choosing what gear is right for you can be fun, but it can also be intimidating. There are so many pieces of equipment to choose from for self defense and so many pieces of support gear as well, how do we know where to start.

The real definitions are actually quite simple, but different to each individual. There are several smaller questions under these perameters though. Overarching questions are:

1) What is the purpose of the tool?

If we are choosing a self defense weapon, the first question also includes, is it for home defense or to carry? Do we need it to be both? Do we have others in the house that will use the gun too?

2) Does the tool fulfill that purpose?

The second question addresses the reliability, caliber, capacity and capability of the tool. This is very objective. You should obtain information beforehand to inform your decision and make this decision based simply on the numbers. How does the sighting system work? Does the gun have a long track record for reliability? If it is close to what is needed, can it be adapted or changed to be closer to our needs?

3) Does the tool fit my personal limitations?

Question 3 is where we ensure it is right for us. We have narrowed down the tool by the first two questions to a firearm of a particular size, weight and reliability standard. Now we have to assess if the gun is the right one for us. Limitations include strength to rack the slide, hand size, firearm control location vs handedness and hand size, as well as acceptable recoil for the shooter(s).

This criteria can be applied to all equipment and any choice that requires a longer breakdown of pros and cons.

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