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Book Review: Living in the Deep Brain by Rory Miller

Rory Miller has worked in corrections for a full career prior to taking contracts in Iraq and teaching defensive concepts across the country. His focus is not the typical look at self defense, but rather a more philosophical approach.

In Living in the Deep Brain, Miller explores both personal views as well as scientific proof to help us understand how to hone our intuition. His views on intuition is that our reptilian brain in charge of flight or fight response is hampered by our monkey brain, which is more focused on social aspects such as not looking foolish. Our human brain, the reasoning part, is far too slow to help us in most scenarios, so it is mostly a hindrance or neutral. The biggest point he makes is that we get in our own way with our embarrassment.

Miller then outlines some ways to work on your intuition, such as quiet time alone in the woods, as well as people watching and encouraging creativity through story telling.

This book is a very interesting perspective on proactive defense. Simply allowing yourself to be more aware can be a great benefit.

You can find the book HERE:

Living in the Deep Brain: Connecting with Your Intuition

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