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Book Review: Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield

The book Gates of Fire is a work of fact and speculation by the author, Steven Pressfield. This book is very useful to warriors, and is required reading at Annapolis and West Point military colleges and is also required reading for Marine Corps officers. It is a more accurate version of the story told in the film 300, and has many learning points for people that carry a weapon for their defense.

When looking at this book, we must remember that while the times and technology changes, leadership, decision making, and mindset do not. As you read this book that is a historical account, we can gain a better idea about how warriors thought through battle in the times before the repeating firearm. Strategy, cunning and persistence are rewarded. These warriors knew what they needed to do to defend their families back home and were willing to do everything within their power to ensure their safety.

This is a book on mindset. While it is an extreme version (soldiers stories always are), it can be applied to our needs as well. And, in addition to the mental toughness factor, we can also just enjoy some historical stories too!

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