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Book Review: Choose Adventure by Greg Ellifritz

"The beer bottle has value as both a social lubricant and an impact weapon."

Greg Ellifritz is a retired police officer, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner, firearms instructor and adventure vacationer. His experiences as a police officer have helped shape his safety plans while travelling, but the book is more than that. This book delves deeply into the realities of travelling abroad, with helpful tips for anyone, even the security clueless person.

Greg's book includes information on such things as how to pack, what to bring, how to prepare for travels and what to do if things go off plan. His tips include how to set up an overseas cell phone plan and how to get the best (or safest, not always the same) exchange rate on currency. His emergency planning includes water and food procurement, escaping a dangerous area vs staying put, and how to choose a hotel room to give you options to do each.

Many of the things in this book I was totally unfamiliar with. His recommendations of simple things to bring such as ziplock bags, a rain poncho and a small roll of duct tape opened my eyes to the versatility of these items in the third world. His views on improvised weapons and liability of carrying then is also unique to his experience. He even covers monetary and kidnapping schemes.

This book is great for anyone who travels or anyone that would like to introduce your traveller to self defense. It would make not only a great read, but a great gift!

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