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"Be nice..."

If you have ever seen the 80s Patrick Swayze film Road House, you know that Swayzes character has a philosophy for dealing with people. "Be nice... until it's time to not be nice."

While the movie devolves into standard 1980s kick and punch action, this piece of philosophy is something we should all try to adopt. Dealing with people in a kind manner has taken a hit this year, with elections, quarantine, and mask wearing. Some people find it hard that everyone doesn't see how wise they are being and lash out at others because they cannot be just like them. The truth is that changing someones opinion is highly unlikely unless you both know each other personally. With this being the case, why do people come to blows over these issues? And do you really know who the person is that you are addressing? Are they someone that just shut down their business and has no income? Did they just lose a loved one to COVID-19? Did they just get their parole violated and have no reason to restrain themselves from harming you? Any of these are possible if you engage with people you do not know. There is risk.

So what is the solution? Like Dalton says, be nice. Treat everyone as if they are an individual that you know nothing about. Treat people as if they are doing their best. Treat people as if they have feelings too, and don't need the hassle of you telling them how they should live. Treat people the way you would like to be treated.

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