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Audio Podcast: P&S Modcast 268- Applied Firearms Safety Rules

Warning: This podcast is explicit, both in content and in language. It is not advised to listen to any P&S podcast with children.

In this episode, Matt Little and Kurt Weber talk about their experiences in U.S. Army Special Forces and how the firearms safety rules relate to the real world with everyone form novices to high speed operator types.

The conversation is enlightening in many ways. Matt talks about how the verbiage of the firearms safety rules is not as accurate as it could be, changing the first rule to treat every firearm as if it is loaded until you know the status of the firearm. This sparks a conversation questioning why we use the outdated verbiage with no caveats. What about dry fire? How do we do that if we are treating a firearm as if it is loaded?

The conversation gets even more interesting when both parties begin to talk about the safety procedures in SF training and operations. Some rules are even more stringent than one would expect for a highly trained special operations soldier. For instance, in training, Kurt said that they assessed major and minor safety violations. "3 minors is a major and 3 majors is a plane ticket". So if a soldier, even a very good, highly trained soldier, had a mental lapse, they risked being sent back to their unit without completing the specialty training. The bar is set very high.

This podcast can help people understand the safety rules in a real world capacity. It is well worth a listen.

The podcast can be found here:

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