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Ammunition Storage

As we accumulate ammunition, we need to make sure that we are storing it in the proper environment so it is in good working order when we are ready to use it. Ammunition will last longer when kept in a cool and dry place. If it can be stored in a temperature controlled environment that is heated and cooled as the temperatures fluctuate that is best. In Montana, humidity is not an issue that we have to worry about. If you are in some of the southern states, you will need to take more care in keeping your ammunition and firearms out of wet environments.

When storing ammunition, using desiccant packs will help ensure your ammo is keeping dry. Loose ammunition that is stored in ammo cans or ammo boxes should not be mixed. Try to keep one specific load of loose ammo per can that way there is no confusion on which brand or load is in there. Also, if you are sighting in and using that ammunition, the point of impact will be more consistent if it is the same ammo. While we are on the subject of not mixing ammo, try not to consolidate partially used boxes of ammunition into one box if they are different brands or loads. I know partially used boxes can take up a bunch of room and drive us crazy with how much room they are taking up and it may seem like a waste of space but there are a couple advantages of not mixing our ammo types. Just as we talked about a minute ago, mixed ammunition in a box will not have consistent points of impact. Another reason not to consolidate different ammunitions into one box is incase you have an issue with that ammunition. If you have been keeping your ammunition in factory boxes and have an issue with it, then you can contact the ammo manufacturer with that lot number and they may warranty it. If you have a lot number to provide the manufacture they might already be aware of the issue and be able to confirm with you that was a recalled batch of ammo. If they are not yet aware of the issue then you may have helped them identify an issue with a batch of ammo.

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