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Audio Review: Mastering the Concealment Sweep and Draw by Michael Seeklander

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

This video is on youtube and can be found at Michael Seeklander talks about drawing a handgun by clearing the garment with your dominant hand instead of using the support hand to clear the garment. His argument for this is that you may encounter a situation to which you have to draw your pistol single handed because your support hand might be busy fighting the attacker. You might be using your support hand to make space or to keep control of the kids. Seeklander calls his technique of clearing the cover garment, the Big C. You start out by using your dominant hand to grasp the bottom of closed-front garment. You will need to grab the garment somewhere by the center line, somewhere by your belt buckle or midline. You will then lift the clothing up as high as you can. Then, push the thumb and palm of that hand into your body to keep the clothing from falling past it and make a big c, starting at the sternum and ending with your hand on the backstrap of the gun with your hand in a shooting grip. Now you will continue with your draw how you normally would. If both hands are available, then shoot two-handed. If not, then draw single-handed as you normally would. The only thing that is really different here is how you access your handgun, the sweep. I can certainly see his argument for using the dominant hand to clear the clothing as there is a high probability that you will only have the one hand available especially at the close proximity that an attack might occur. In this video he presented his technique well and the steps were easy to follow. I thought it was an interesting technique and might work well for some people. Prior to this video I have always used my support hand to clear my clothing unless I was specifically practicing clearing my garment single-handed and drawing single-handed. I can see the advantage to this technique is that no matter whether a person has two hands available or just the one, this step of the draw would be the same every time. Keeping things consistent helps create smoother and more efficient technique because a person isn't doing it one way for part of the time and completing the skill in a different way for the other part of the time.

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