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  • Ian T. Mena-Wieland

Learn to Improvise


When training for a violent encounter, remember that it is important to figure out how to improvise. Not just how to work around cover and barriers, but also how to work with a substandard grip or stance.

You get what you get:

Looking at video of defensive shootings, you can often see people get a single handed grip on the gun. If there are bullets going both directions, you will also often see people moving while shooting. This is usually not by choice but default.

Think about your daily surroundings. Would you need to negotiate a curb on your way to your vehicle? Might you need to use a temple index over a low ready due to your office building or apartment complex? If you foul a draw, can you continue to work through it and continue to fight?

These are all considerations to take into account. Working on shooting on the move is important, and shooting with a reversed stance can also be important. When you draw your firearm and don't get it quite right, keep going. If you stop and resent, you will never have the experience of how to problem solve through the issue. Use your place of work or your home as inspiration for your training. Do you always trip over your coworkers silly extension cord? Do your kids leave toys on the floor that might need to be navigated? What foreign obstacles are a hazard for which we have not prepared?

Prepare with mental think throughs and then take it to the range. Work up some scenarios that represent your environment and situation. Then work hard to push through the awkward parts. You will be better for it.

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