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  • Ian T. Mena-Wieland

Audio Review: Civilian Carry Radio 104, Chuck Haggard

Chuck Haggard is a nationally recognized trainer and owner of Agile Defense. His range of expertise includes handguns, chemical sprays, as well as electrical and impact tools. His career in law enforcement has given him experience and perspective on how to handle defensive encounters.

In this interview, Chuck discusses OC or pepper spray. He dispells the myth of wasp spray, addresses how to pick a product, and talks how to train with your chemical agent. His experience has led him to believe that a good pepper spray is a valuable an necessary tool to keep on your person. He points out that risking exposure in a contact scenario is less safe than using a chemical agent. Chuck further addresses the law and how it pertains to the carry and justified use of the pepper spray as compared to even brandishing a firearm. The use of pepper spray is often much more explainable (and permanent) than using a defensive handgun.

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