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In the UK, there are studies taking place analyzing multiple victimization. Multiple victimization is where a victim of a crime is the victim of at least one or more crimes following the initial crime but not by the same attacker. The attackers that are targeting the same victim do not tend to be acquaintances. After interviewing attackers of why they chose their victims, the answer is always because there was something a little off or different about the victim. Whether this be that the victim is walking with a limp, not watching their surroundings, an elderly less capable person, or just seems to have some sort of weak trait. Studies have shown that a third of victims in the UK are prior victims. If you have an injury that is affecting your walk, try to fight through it and walk normal if you are able. This will hopefully keep you from being selected by an attacker for having what appears to be a weak trait. Now if your injury is bad enough that it is affecting your walk and you can't fix it, then just know that you might be selected as a victim by an attacker. Do all that you can to better train yourself for the situation because you have higher odds of being picked by an attacker than by the other people walking normally or that look more physically capable. Also, dressing humbly can help deselect yourself from the would be attacker. Criminals gather status characteristics such as observing someone who is wearing a gold watch. They know that person is highly likely to walk to a nice car and then drive to a nice house.

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