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  • Ian T. Mena-Wieland

Weaknesses and Strengths


When considering a range session, a training class, or a book, we often gravitate toward the things that we like and the things at which we excel. The problem with this is that we do not grow in other areas without challenging ourselves.

Spinning Wheel:

A man I know likened the strengths and weaknesses to a spinning wheel with slices of pie on it. You can only keep so many pieces from flying off the edge of the wheel, which means you are constantly trying to make sure each piece gets enough attention.

This is a good analogy for defensive training as well. Within the scope of the firearm, if you excessively practice close shooting, sometimes your distance shooting suffers. If you excessively practice drawstroke, your reloads can suffer. Make sure that you are doing constant analysis of your current skills and keeping your ability levels high and even.

This philosophy goes beyond the firearm. When you look at your overall defensive training, look at what is missing. Is it hand-to-hand? Shooting? Medical? Verbal de-escalation? What in your toolbox would serve you better if it were more refined? What are you missing?

Remember, with training and attention, we can turn weaknesses into strengths. Just don't focus on them too long or else you will have to rinse and repeat.

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