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  • Ian T. Mena-Wieland

Cold Reps and Standards


How does your skill improve during a range session? Do you bumble through your first few draws until you get the motions back down? Does your accuracy improve on the last shot versus the first shot? If it does, you need to be measuring your skill based on the proper scale. Cold repetitions are the only way to do this.

You need to be able to effectively and efficiently work the firearm without a warm up session. Our potential attacker will not let you run to the range to do a 50 round warm up before you get into a fight. The skills and tools your brought with you are what you have. There will be not time to acquire more skill, but sometimes less with the stress involved.

With this in mind, we need to set proper standards in place for our abilities. We need to ensure that if our skills degrade under pressure, the level to which they degrade is still acceptable for defense. Set your standards high. Use a few standard drills at the beginning of your range session to track your progress. Always shoot them with no warm up and be honest about your current skill level and work toward your goals.

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