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  • Ian T. Mena-Wieland

Skill set and Mindset


We need to constantly improve both skill set and mindset. Without one the other is useless. If we develop the skills faster than the mindset, we may be unwilling to use our skills when the time comes. If we delvelop our mindset but not our skills, we may find ourselves unable to deal with the problem.

Skill set:

Skills that van be added to the "toolbox" are wider in range and scope than many people actually train. As a concealed carrier, often we work firearms drills. But what about medical skills? What about unarmed drills? What about less lethal for those ambiguous situations? What about awareness and verbals to deescalate a situation before it starts? We need to make sure that we can deal with a wide spectrum of issues relating to our own safety.


The mindset is potentially more difficult to train. Mindset to the defensive citizen is the willingness to do harm to someone in self defense. How do we develop willingness? Often times it comes only with the realization that people can do horrible things to others and we need to be willing to defend ourselves and our loved ones from those pains. Look at the newspaper, crime stats, or cases in your area that involve violence. Imagine yourself or your loved ones in the same scenario. What would you do to defend them?

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