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  • Ian T. Mena-Wieland

Training Hurt

Overcoming injury:

We have all had a moment in which we have incurred an unexpected injury. Sometimes it is minor, such as cutting a finger while cooking dinner. Sometimes it is a longer road to recovery, like a broken bone, or a torn ligament. Doctors say to take it easy until you heal, but where does that leave our self defense? If we completely neglect our self defense, we are now both injured AND out of practice. How do we address the issue of healing while still staying in practice?

Work through:

As long as it will not slow your recovery, find a way to train. When you are injured, you may be confined to couch duty. If this is the case, (provided you are not inhibited by medication) make the most of it. Work on dry fire. Work your trigger control. Identify how you are able to respond to a threat with your current abilities. When you are able to walk, do some work on your feet. Incorporate your lack of speed/agility into your defense plan. Try to get to the range so you can find out what skills have degraded and what your current limits are. Your awareness of your surroundings should also be heightened during this period. Remember, if we are injured, we are already an easier target. Try not to allow your skills and awareness to degrade as well.

Teaches you to overcome adveristy

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