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  • Ian T. Mena-Wieland



We are all a product of our environment. We have been shaped by our experiences and our culture. We grew up learning right from wrong, good from bad. Our beliefs about morality is rooted in this early education.

We also have to remember that not all of us receive the same education.

Cultural Differences:

When considering the view that we have on the world, we must understand that others views and values may not match up with ours. This is apparent in politics, where people can disagree vehemently on how a goal is achieved. This opposition comes directly from our personal experiences and our education.

These differences apply to the morality of a violent attacker as well. In their culture, showing dominance, taking from others, being violent can be highly valued. This difference in values can create a rift in how we see potential attackers. We need to remember not to project our morals onto our potential attacker. Normal people would not steal from others. Normal people would not hurt children. Normal people would not rape. Normal people would not murder another human being for over what appears to be a small infraction. Criminal culture can be a powerful teacher and it can create a set of morals that look foreign to normal people. Remember that with the proper motivation, people can be pushed to do horrible things. Our morals do not dicatate what a criminal is comfortable doing.

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