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  • Ian T. Mena-Wieland

Overcoming Wardrobe


Our wardrobe is a critical part of the concealment of a firearm, but there are some things that should be worked out on a regular basis. Our concealment is key but access plays an equally important role. When considering this, it is important to practice how you intend to access your firearm during a defensive crisis.

Range vs. Reality:

Often, our range time is spent doing things under the best circumstances. We practice on a flat, mostly debris free surface. We often use unobscured targets with clearly designated scoring zones. Often, people will also use a garment that allows them access to the firearm with the least amount of effort. The problem with training in this manner is that it may not translate to a real life encounter.

With heavier clothing, with a tighter fit, with different materials, you may find that your draw becomes fouled on the draw. If this happens, and you have no frame of reference to adapt, you could be at a disadvantage. Practice with all the clothing that you would wear in your daily life, to become familiar with the differences you may encounter if you ever have to defend yourself.

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