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  • Ian T. Mena-Wieland

Shelf Life


When looking at our training and equipment choices, we should always consider what can happen in a worst case scenario. What we often forget about is what will happen to all of us: we age and have less ability to do certain tasks.

Training for the ages:

When looking at your training and equipment, think about how it will work later in your life. Do not overcommit to techniques and gear that works for a young, strong 25 year old, but not for an arthritic retired person. We have to adapt our techniques and equipment over the years to fit our current abilities.

Sometimes it is the fact that our physical strength or speed is not able to keep up with our skills. Think about a strong boxer in his 20s that has slipped into his 60s. Unless our boxer has kept up on his physical fitness and punching strength, the body may not be able to perform on command. The same is true of a Karate or Taekwondo practitioner. What if instead of strength, the martial artist in unable to perform due to flexibility?

The same is true for firearms. In our younger years, we can shoot very powerful firearms with, if not ease, minimal discomfort. But add some age and the associated issues, and we may have to compromise on our preferred caliber of ammunition choice.

We need to be constantly aware of our abilities and how it fits our current techniques and equipment.

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