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  • Ian T. Mena-Wieland

Audio Review: Civilian Carry Radio 005 - Craig Douglas

Craig Douglas and his training company, Shivworks, are nationally known for focusing on the contact distance fight. His experience as an undercover police officer has led him to develop training that focuses on the concealed weapon at distances at which a criminal might initiate an attack. His coursework lets you truly test your skills in a force on force "evolution", giving you a true evaluation of your current abilities.

In this episode of Civilian Carry Radio, the hosts ask Craig about his training to include how to spot a potential attack, how to verbally engage and de-escalate an encounter and what skills are useful in a contact distance fight. This interview is a wonderful listen for those that are looking to get a good idea of what is necessary to prevail in a real life, close range fight.

The interview can be found on iTunes, any pod-catcher app or here.

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