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  • Ian T. Mena-Wieland

Gear vs. Training


With so many aftermarket accessories out there, sometimes we are tempted to purchase equipment upgrades to make our shooting better. Gear upgrades can be very beneficial, but often the equipment does not compensate for our training deficiencies.

Hard Work:

Many people can benefit more from a case of ammunition than a new trigger or a aftermarket barrel. Looking at what can be improved can be seen from two sides: how can the gun be better, and how can you increase your skill. Often, shooters can see better accuracy and increased speed if they make time to get out to the range and practice. Gear problems can become a non-issue when you know how to work with or around them.

Practice Well:

When you go to the range, always have a plan. Write down the skills that need work and make a conscious effort to improve those skills. Working only 1-2 skills per session can maximize your training, but make sure that you get enough repetitions to make it worthwhile.

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