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  • Ian T. Mena-Wieland

Child Safety Tips


Many people that have taken on the task of concealed carry have done so with a desire to protect their loved ones. We keep our firearms at the ready so that we may keep our family safe from harm should it visit us.

The unfortunate reality is that having a firearm can be a liability, especially for those that have children. It is surprising how many children ACTUALLY KNOW where their parents keep their firearms. If they know, do they know how to handle themselves with firearms? Do they know not to tell their friends where they are? Do their friends know how to handle themselves?

Possibly the most important question is “are your firearms secured?” If the firearm is not secured, understand that you have just put the responsibility of firearms safety on the child, and nobody else. Since children do not always make the best choices (or listen properly), it may be prudent to keep your firearms in a secured location.

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