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  • Randy England

Firearms Familiarization

Be familiar with as many firearms as possible for a few reasons. First, you will be much safer if you have the knowledge to clear the many types of firearms that you might encounter. Second, there is no rule that says you cannot use an attacker’s firearm against them if that seems like the better option at the time. This is a reason in itself to be familiar with many different types of firearms. Lastly, you don’t get to pick when and where you might be attacked. The firearm that you have on might not be the easiest or quickest to access. If there is a firearm stored right in front of you, it might be quicker and more efficient to put that one into work instead of drawing the firearm that is in your holster. Ensure that you have ammo with the gun because that is all the ammo that will be at your disposal if a situation where to present itself.

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