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  • Ian T. Mena-Wieland

Rose Colored Glasses


Many people, even those that have gone through training to be more prepared for a dangerous situation, still see a violent encounter as something that they can win easily. This is part of human nature, believing that you will be ok in any situation. It allows us to limit our fear of the unknown. The problem with such thinking is that it may or may not line up with reality.

(more) Prepared:

When we think about what may very well be the worst day of our life, we cannot allow ourselves to be overconfident. An honest assessment of our abilities, our tools, and our mindset is necessary on a regular basis. Ask yourself questions like, “could I deal with a surprise attack from the rear?” and “how fast and accurate do I need to be given a violent encounter?”. Maybe most importantly, follow up with “what are the skills I need to train to make my tools more effective?”.

Remember that this could very well be the worst day of your life, so training to prepare for it is critical. Carry your tools. Train with your tools. Prepare yourself.

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