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  • Ian T. Mena-Wieland

Defensive Flashlight


Accessory rails have become standard on many semi-automatic handguns. The most popular accessories to put on these rails have been flashlights and laser sights. Both have a place and can be useful with proper training and practice.

Light up your world:

Flashlights are extremely useful in target identification in low and no light situations. Placing one on your handgun can be advantageous as you can now use a flashlight and maintain a two-handed grip. The down side is that holsters for these combinations can be challenging to find. Concealment solutions and Blackhawk are two companies that have many solutions to this problem.

Keeping a flashlight with you can be useful not only in a defensive situation, but can also be handy in everyday situations such as when you drop something under the car seat or when you need to find something in that dark closet at work. (obviously this is not the place to use a handgun mounted flashlight…)

Always be safe and remember the 4 gun safety rules!

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