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PRACTICAL CARRY 2.1 (Mindset and Problem Solving)

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Mindset and Problem Solving

The first module of Practical Carry 2 is focused on creating a thinking shooter that can solve problems. The class will include working with and fixing the gun as problems occur, as well as creating a script to deal with threats verbally.

Skills will include rapid engagement and transitions, single hand shooting, and working the gun from contact distance to 25 yards. The class is focused on attaining a deep familiarity with the gun and our skills, allowing us to use more mental bandwidth to process the deadly threat.

This module also has an online classroom component that emphasizes mindset and how to shortcut the mental delay caused by the stress of a critical incident.

Duration: 5+ Hours

Ammo Requirements: 200 Rounds

Prerequisites: Practical Carry I, valid concealed weapons permit, or outside approved training course

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The State of Montana offers options of permit-less carry of firearms as well as a permit and enhanced permit that allow the permittee more out of state reciprocity as well as other benefits.

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