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Gunfight Math: It doesn't add up...

When we start talking about what a gunfight looks like, often we do not look at it objectively. Emotional attachment to gear or techniques, ego and non applicable statistics and anecdotes get dragged into the mix all too often.

Let's start with caliber. Some work and some don't, right? Well what about shot placement? Reliability? Penetration? What really matters? Bears animals have been killed by .22 long rifle. Does that mean it is the best cartridge? On paper, .44 magnum packs far more energy than any semi automatic cartridge, but does that matter if the shooter can't hit the target in an appropriate area or time frame?

And then the ever evolving situation. We don't get to choose the time, place ot method of attack. Sometimes the odds work out in our favor, sometimes not. Training can tip the odds your way by creating more time via identification of threat or speed of reaction. But it cannot save you from getting plowed into by a gravel truck if you didn't look before merging.

So understand that we can move the odds toward our favor, but we can't control everything. Work hard to be prepared and then, just live your life. The math doesn't add up.

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