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Feats of Arms

When most people think of handguns they think of close range, some think of extremely close range, such as inside 5 yards. While the ballitiscally and ergonomically, longer shots are better taken with a rifle, the handgun can be effective at greater distances is the shooter is prepared.

Elisjsha Dickens, Greenwood, 2022, 40 Yards:

In this year, 2022, a mall in Greenwood, Indiana found itself under attack of a would be mass killer. During the event, a Dickens intervened with his own pistol at a reported 40 yards and hit the criminal with 8 shots, effectively stopping the attack. A citizens actions, not military or law enforcement, saved lives.

Andy Brown, Fairchild AFB, 1994, 67 Yards:

After a series of failures to identify dangerous behavior, the United States Air Force discharged an airman. His problems manifested in a violent attack on Fairchild Air Force Base in Washington. The discharged airman took an SKS rifle and began shooting staff and patients at the hospital at the edge of the installation. Andy Brown, a current Security Police Airman on bicycle patrol duty, rode his bike to the scene to watch dozens of victims spill out of the facility followed by the deranged perpetrator. Brown knelt, took aim and scored hits from 67 yards, effectively ending the attack on innocent life.

Adam Johnson, Austin, 2014, 104 Yards:

In an attempt to bring terror to a local bank, Federal courthouse and the police department, a man opened fire on in Austin, Texas. His shots were heard by Adam Johnson, a 15 year veteran of the Austin Police Department. Johnson, who was loading up horses for the departments mounted division, investigated while holding onto two horses. When he determined that this was an attack, he drew his issued pistol and shot the perpetrator at 104 yards. The feat was even more impressive due to the fact that the shot was taken with only one hand, as the other hand was still holding the horses.

If the skills are honed, a handgun can be extremely capable, even at extreme distances.

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