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Equipment Update: Phlster Enigma

A few months ago, I wrote about the Phlster Enigma carry chassis. The chassis is not a holster, but an alternative to the pants belt carry. It supports the gun through its own, under clothing belt system that supports the gun quite nicely. With a few months in, I have some follow up, with some pros and cons.


The system is very well thought out, and is very secure. My initial concerns of the buckle slipping or the plate wearing have proven to be unfounded. I can tuck my shirt over the gun with no telltale signs on the belt. It is comfortable to wear (even more so with Phlsters sport belt) all day long with good access to the gun.


The ride height of the holster needed to be adjusted for me. This is more of a holster issue than an Enigma issue, but I needed more space between my hand and the Enigma plate, so I had to modify my holster to raise the holster a bit. Not a big deal, but it is something of note. The other issue that I found is that if you do not set it for the highest waist pants you have, you may not have access with that pair. Since the system is static on the body and pants can be higher or lower, more rigid or flexible, the wardrobe is more critical to vet. I found myself hiking up my pants only to find limited access to the gun. This issue can be mitigated by adding a clip that holds to the pants as well, keeping the two in proper adjustment with each other.

After a number of months with the enigma as my primary carry method, I can comfortably say that it is still a problem solving piece of equipment. It is not perfect, though with modification, I believe I can offer more than many other options. It is still my preferred carry method.

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