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Equipment: Roundedgear Holsters

We have started carrying Roundedgear holsters at Axmen Firearms. We started stocking them a couple weeks ago. I have been using their IWB Kydex holster for the same period of time as my daily carry. My first impressions of the holster are good. The retention is very very good. The gun clicks into place with an audible click when its seated all the way. It holds the gun very snuggly, I had to back the retention screws off one turn. The clip is movable between two different angles. It comes in the package angled for behind the hip carry. The clip can be adjusted by sliding one screw in one of the grooved holes for a vertical draw for appendix carry. The holster has a mid-guard that sits against your body. This is nice when doing a lot of draws for keeping yourself from pinching some skin between your firearm and the Kydex holster. That is not an enjoyable feeling when that happens! The magazine release is half guarded. I do like it half guarded. During classes it is nice to be able to remove your magazine with the gun still in the holster so you can top off your magazines while you have down time in-between drills. I have had a couple times in the past with one of my holsters that left the mag release completely exposed. When I was driving or sitting, my seat would sometimes actuate my mag release and drop my mag partially out. I was thankful to figure that out when I did and not during an emergency situation.These holsters will accept a claw in order to turn the gun in closer to your body if carrying aiwb.

I have incorporated this holster into my dry fire training for the last two weeks as well. I am very impressed so far. The clip holds onto my belt well and I haven't experienced any situations where the clip slipped off the belt. The retention is great, I love hearing and feeling the firearm click into place when I reholster every time. This is a great piece of mind for me. My draw times with this holster stayed consistent with other Kydex holsters that I normally carry. The holster leaves he entire grip of the gun exposed, so it is easy to get a good shooting grip from the holster without having to adjust your hand once the gun is out of the holster or cost you any extra time in your draw time. This holster is very affordable at $39.99. This leaves you plenty of room to keep this holster within budget even if you need to add a claw or a wedge to it.

Have a safe and great weekend!

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