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Equipment: Maxpedition Rollypoly Dump Pouch

In the realm of "tactical" gear, a lot of equipment doesn't apply to concealed carriers. Battle belts, chest rigs and drop leg holsters are not equipment generally used by the average citizen defender. However, for training purposes, there are some items that can make your training experience better.

We have already talked about camelbak hydration systems as a good way to have water on the range during a class, but what about the things you want to carry that don't have an easy holder? Empty mags, notebooks and other comfort items can find a home in the roll-up style pouch Maxpedition makes. The pouch stores as a small profile on the belt, and unroll when you need to use it. It can be attached through a normal belt, as well as through tactical webbing (MOLLE/PALS). Now you have a convenient place to put all of the things you want to bring to and from the firing line, without having to stuff your pockets.

At the price they are offered, it makes sense for many range and training environments.

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