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  • Randy England

Equipment: M4E1 Aero Precision Lower

Aero Precision is an AR manufacturer based in Tacoma, Washington. They seem to make good upper and lower receivers for a competitive price while still adding some nice touches. While they are not the least expensive receivers out there, they are very affordable. The lowers come in at $119 for the anodized M4E1 lower and $139 for the Cerakote FDE M4E1. Aero bevels the magazine well and puts a nice flare to it. I would have to say this is my favorite feature of this lower. The mag well isn't flared too over the top, but just enough to look good and make mag changes a touch easier. The integrated trigger guard leaves plenty of room within the trigger guard and I think the skeletonized guard looks pretty dang good. Aero also threads in an upper tension screw. This is located in the grip housing. Aero even went as far as to put a plastic cup ontop of the screw in order to keep it from scratching the take-down pin housing. This screw puts upward pressure to the rear take-down pin housing in order to remove any unwanted movement from mating the upper and lower receivers together. Aero Precision is not the first company to do this, but they are one of the few that do still do this on their lowers. Another nice feature is the threaded housing for the bolt-catch pin. It is really nice not having to tape off the receiver to prevent scratches while hammering in a roll pin into the bolt-catch housing. The pin included just threads right into the housing with the use of an Allen wrench. It is nice to see companies offering lowers that are just a little different than your every day run of the mill lowers that aren't any different than the next.

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