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Drill: Greybeard Actual Skill Card

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Greybeard is a callsign for Matt Little, a former US Army Special Forces combat veteran, with law enforcement experience as well. His callsign comes from his team being repected and feared by the enemy. Insurgents began to refer to his team as the "Grey Beards" or old men. The reality of this was that none of the insurgents wanted to engage such an experienced team if they could avoid it. Their experience was if you go up against the grey beards, you don't live to tell about it.

Matt Littles drill is fairly simple, but not easy. From the site:

"The 3.45 Drill is a test of high level performance with a pistol. It’s shot on a target consisting of three 3” circles. The drill consists of four strings of fire shot at 5 yards. All four strings are shot from the holster with a 3.45 second par time. If drawing from concealment or a level three security holster an additional .25 of a second is allowed per draw. If reloading from concealment or retention top magazine pouches, an additional .25 of a second is allowed for the reload.

In order to pass the drill, all four strings must be shot back to back in this order:

  1. Recoil Control: Draw and fire 5 rounds onto the center circle

  2. Transition Drill: Draw and fire 1-1-1-1-1-1 alternating on the outside circles. (6 shots total, 3 per circle)

  3. Reload Drill: Draw and fire 1, reload and fire 1 onto the outside circles. (2 total, 1 per circle)

  4. SHO/WHO Drill: Draw and fire 1 strong hand only onto either of the outside circles, switch hands then fire 1 support/weak hand only onto the remaining outside circle.

A successful run on the drill results in 5 hits per circle. Line breaks are acceptable as long as the grease ring touches the line."

Targets and drill breakdown can be found here:

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