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Drill: Five Second Standards

Pat McNamara or "Pat Mac" is a purveyor of fine firearms training as well as "Basic Dude Stuff" (look up his Instagram for everyday tips). His career as a special forces Army soldier has taught him the value of good training and life skills.

The Five Second Standards test is a 6 round drill with 3 steps, 2 rounds each.

Target: ISPC/USPSA Silhouette

Scoring: A-Zone hits only

Distance: Variable. Start at 7 Yards and increase as you progress.

Time: 5 max seconds per string. Failure for not making time.

String 1: 2 shots, with gun in hand at the ready position (low ready, high ready, whatever)

String 2: 2 shots from concealment.

String 3: 2 shots from concealment, strong hand ONLY.

If you make all your hits, move back to 10 yards, then 12, etc. Get to your point of failure, then work until you succeed.

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