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Audio Review: Live Q or Die Podcast - Episode 65 - Bill Rapier - Knives for Hands

In this podcast Kevin interviews Bill Rapier. Bill is prior service Navy in Seal Team 3 and at Naval Special Warfare Development Group. He manufactures knives and teaches many different classes. He is a black belt in bjj and teaches his own bjj where he lives. A lot of his training is fairly close to Missoula, he teaches many of his classes near Coeur d'Alene which is also the area which he lives. He teaches many different classes such as bjj, low visibility pistol, pistol combative, carbine, winter skills and shooting, force on force, precision rifle, and nvg classes. He even puts on a class for kids called Father-Son Ministry in which he either covers an hour of bjj or teaching a life skill and then followed by a Bible Study. His training company is called Amtac Training. It is great to have another good trainer nearby. In his podcast he talks of the need to be able to defend oneself and others and steps of escalation of force and tools for escalation of force. He is a big fan of knives but his belief is that they should not be a substitute for carrying a handgun. He believes they should be carried in conjunction with a handgun. Although, he understands there are some people that will not carry handguns or cannot conceal a handgun with the clothing that they wear so he talks about how he focuses training with those individuals on knives and how they are much easier to conceal. In the interview he also talks about how difficult a pistol is to shoot effectively and the importance of training with it. He talks of when he was in the Navy, they hardly ever had to use pistols on missions but they still focused a lot of their day to day training in working on pistol skills. He even covers a few stories from experiences in the podcast. It was all very interesting and he had some good information. I would recommend giving it a listen.

Have a great weekend!

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