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  • Ian T. Mena-Wieland

Give Me More


When we think about self defense and safety, often people look at the final outcome. We take certain classes because we are looking to acquire those skills. But when have we arrived at the end of our training journey?

There is always more:

When thinking about training, many people think about it like building a house. We pour a foundation of fundamentals, then we move on to making the structure sound. We build the plan the things that we require. We even like to add a few things that, while not necessary, make us happy. Finally, the house is done, finished. The problem with this mentality is that if fails to take into account the maintenance that the homeowner must do to keep the house in good repair. It also fails to take into account the homeowners desire to change furniture, or plant a garden, or remodel a kitchen.

When looking at how to build your self defense house, you need to remember that all of the structure is necessary to add the rest of the skills. Build your advanced skills on a basis of solid marksmanship, mindset and efficiency. Then we add mission specific training, like contact defense, medical, and force on force. Sometimes we might stray away from the practical and take something like a space shuttle door gunner course. But always remember that the house you build can, and should be added to, modified, and maintained. Always seek new knowledge and understand why the new has overtaken the old. Maintain the skills that you paid to learn with good practice. Find new sources of information, even if they seem unconventional. Above all, do not fall into the trap of believing that you have arrived at the end of the road.

We do not get to choose our fight. The fight will be what it is. The variable you can control is who you will be when the fight comes.

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