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Book Review: Sentinel: Become the Agent in Charge of Your Own Protection Detail

This was a short read, but did have a little bit of new information for me that I have not yet encountered. Patrick McNamara compares our job as a Sentinel to the Secret Service. We are the protection detail for our families and are in charge of keeping them safe. This book mostly covers ways to become aware of your surroundings to better protect you and your family.

Practice your follow through after your last shot when administering shooting drills. He doesn't describe follow through as just lowering your gun low enough to see the threats hands. He describes follow through as doing this but also while doing this you are looking through your rear sight and at your front sight while it is lowered but still on target in case you need to do any more shooting. McNamara talks about how ninety-three percent of people are right handed and combined with the most common mistake handgun shooters do is hitting low and left. With these two things in mind, he prefers to step left as he draws his handgun. That is an interesting idea as it lower the attacker's chance of hitting you especially if he is one that tends to hit low and left.

McNamara refers to intuition as a sixth sense. Intuition can be a force multiplier if practiced and used to become aware of your surroundings. If you are situationally aware then, you are more likely to identify a situation that is unfolding in your presence and can act on it instead of trying to play catch up and trying to react to what just happened. He also talks about diversionary tactics and to be aware if something looks interesting and draws your attention, try to break your focus on that distraction and check the rest of your surroundings to ensure it is not a trap.

Again, this is a short read, but would make a good read if you are inbetween books or traveling. The book is not terribly pricey either it runs $2.40 on the kindle app. Depending on where you are at in your training you may or may not get much out of it. I did find a couple small details that McNamara covered that I didn't think about previously so it was a worth while read for me.

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