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  • Ian T. Mena-Wieland

Know Your Ammo

This weeks drill is quite simple compared to some other dynamic drills. This drill is ensuring that you have good compatibility between your carry firearm and your carry ammunition. We need to know that our carry ammunition will properly impact where we aim our firearm.


This drill will require that you sacrifice a box of your carry ammunition. This can be done with ammo that you are rotating out for fresh carry ammo, or it can be the extra box you buy with your new firearm.

At 10 yards, sit down at a shooting bench or table. Rest your handgun on a sandbag or shooting rest. Fire 5 rounds from your defensive handgun at a small one inch or smaller area (using a bulls eye style target is perfect for this). Call your flyers (rounds that you know to be of poor accuracy because you did something improperly). Assess your group for its group size (accuracy) and the point of impact (does the bullet hit where you placed your sights).

Repeat at 15. 20 and 25 yards.

The goal is to have a small, accurate group, as well as a group that impacts properly with the sights. If one of these are off, you may need to try a different defensive round.

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