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  • Ian T. Mena-Wieland

Negative Space


When training live fire, it is important to understand that you are looking to perfect the process by working on the skills of manipulation. Many people actually look at it as an outcome based event, checking their target each time the press the trigger. An important part about shooting is diagnosing the issue that you are having by feel, not necessarily looking at the target.

No-look shot:

To ensure that you are focusing on what is going to happen versus what has already occurred, you should focused on the front sight and not the target, even between shots. Looking at the target is not helpful in focusing on your shooting fundamentals (grip, sight alignment, trigger press), and will not allow you to get a good measure of your speed while shooting.

A good way to keep your eyes on the sights instead of constantly looking at the target is to simply remove a small scoring area from the center of your target. This will ensure that you are focusing only on the times that you make a shooting error, and it shows up on the remaining portion of the target. This will allow you to more easily pin down the specific shots that are in error and what occured to pull the shot off target.

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