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  • Ian T. Mena-Wieland

Coming to terms


When considering concealed carry, we often look at firearms, holsters, magazine pouches and ammunition. We look at all of the gear that facilitates the carry, but not necessarily the mindset necessary for carrying deadly force.


When carrying deadly force, you must understand that you have the ability to protect your own life with the most effective tool available. We must always remember the true value of a life. Using deadly force means that you are potentially taking the life of a real person. Though it does not change the circumstances of your attack, remember that "bad guys" also have families and lives of their own. We must never take lightly the potential ending of a persons life. You are willingly taking away everything that person will ever experience. This is why it should always be a last resort to save yourself from death or serious bodily harm.

Do not consider your life an even trade for your attackers, however. The actions of a violent attacker mean that you may have to do something you don't want to do to save your own life. That is their choice, not yours. Your life is incredibly valuable and even though you may be willing to lay down your life for others, remember that the lives of your loved ones will be drastically altered without your presence. Your family may have to move into a smaller house without your income, it may mean that your spouse will have to become the provider for the family. You will never again be able to help your loved ones through any difficult part of their life.

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