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  • Ian T. Mena-Wieland

Enhancing Dry Fire (Part 3: Trigger Tools)


When making dry fire realistic, one of the biggest issues is that the trigger press is not correct for many firearms. Thinking defensively, we would like a trigger that resets after the first shot to simulate multiple shots. While double action (or DA/SA) pistols and revolvers triggers are able to be pressed repeatedly, many triggers on striker fired pistols stay to the rear after dry fire.


The large majority of fixes for striker fired pistol trigger resets are made for the Glock brand of handguns. FIrst, there are magazines that will allow multiple trigger presses. This is the easiest way to convert your defensive firearm to a dry fire training gun with a proper reset (without running the slide).

Some of the other options are actual replacement triggers for Glocks. These triggers range in price, but some are fairly affordable. This will take a little more knowledge to install, but is a good option for trigger reset as well.

Finally, the trick that works for MANY STRIKER FIRED PISTOLS, is the old cardboard trick. While it takes some practice to keep the cardboard in the gun during the draw, it is a free way to get some good repetitions.

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