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  • Ian T. Mena-Wieland

Enhancing Dry Fire (Part 1: Targets)


Since dry fire should be a regular part of our personal training, we would like this practice to be as realistic as possible. This should include our personal carry equipment, but also realistic targets. The problem with these targets are that they often take up too much space, and degrade over time.


If you desire, you can find heavy duty cardboard (also in reduced size) or plastic targets that will last a significantly longer interval. They are not terribly expensive and most of us can find a place to put them away when we are done.

The less expensive way to have some handy targets is to print off reduced size targets from any number of pictures on a standard sheet of paper. To increase their durability, you can laminate them or simply place them in a page protector.

Always be safe and remember the 4 firearms safety rules!

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