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  • Ian T. Mena-Wieland

Workplace Security


Security at an office can be difficult to address for many people. Workplace violence does occur, and the ability to defend yourself at work can be critical.

Safety Tools:

Carrying your defensive tools at work is important if you can, but often the Department of Homeland Security protocol of “Run, Hide, Fight” is more useful. Escape if you can, and help others escape. Hide if you can, but choose a secure space if you are able to do so. If you need to fight, it is better to have effective tools with you.

Running is self explanatory, but remember that you should know all the escape routes for your building in case of fire or any other emergency. Be familiar with the layout of the building and have a plan for what will follow your exit from the building. Does it lead to a safe area? Can you get to your vehicle without danger? Do you have a meeting point for all staff members?

Hiding requires a more intimate knowledge of the building and surrounding areas. Know the difference between cover (stops bullets) and concealment (hides you). Know all of the entry and exit points from any room you decide to hide within and secure them. Here is a great option for an emergency door security system.

Finally, be prepared to fight with the tools that you have. If you are not able to carry your normal defensive tools, having an open mind is important. Don't be afraid to improvise weapons if you must.

Always be safe and remember the 4 gun safety rules!

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